2019 Annual General Meeting

Saturday, August 24, 2019
at the Scenic Estates Clubhouse, Lummi Island
1202 Beach Avenue

9:00 am
Call to order 10:00 am

Voting will occur on electing Board Members, the proposed 2020 Budget, and on how to proceed with the financial audit (as required by RCW 64.38.045).


"New" LISECC Board Meeting will be held at 4:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

Parking may be a little tight so if you are able to walk or carpool to the meeting that would help. We know that crabbing will be under way, but we would very much appreciate it if those members with boat trailers could take into consideration parking for the AGM when parking their boat trailers that morning so that our older members or those with physical limitations are able to park close to the club house.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.  

AGM Materials

Member proxy vote form and absentee ballot will be mailed to each member along with this information.

Board Member Candidate Statement

William Enoch

Ever since starting to build my cabin in 2015, I've felt welcomed and supported by the Scenic Estates community. My interest in serving on the Board stems from the desire to repay that support to the community.

The skills that I would bring to the Board are varied but the common thread in my past experience is probably one of analytical strength:

1. Decades of non-profit financial management (accounting, budgeting, reporting, funding compliance, GAAP FASB and OMB familiarity)

  1. Municipal administration (City Manager)

  2. Small business ownership (bookstores)

  3. Boat design and construction, residential construction

I still spend time in California where my children, grandchildren, and significant other live, all of whom value spending time on Lummi Island.