2019 Dues and Other Fees

This is a breakdown of the dues and charges required to maintain the amenities and infrastructure that Scenic Estates members enjoy.

LISE Membership dues: $725.00

Currently, the dues for membership in Lummi Island Scenic Estates Community Club, Inc. are $725.00 per year. LISE is essentially a Home Owners Association responsible for maintaining the clubhouse, marina (docks, boat launch), beach area, swim lake and playground, and the community water system.

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund loan fee: $71.00

This is the tenth year of a 20-year, fixed rate (1.5%) state loan used to improve our water system. This is invoiced along with annual membership dues.

Water Usage and RTS fees

Each lot with a connection to the LISE Water system is charged a water Ready to Serve (RTS) fee of $10.00 per month. In addition, water usage is billed on a tier system based on actual water used. Water usage and RTS fees are billed every other month. See water rates here.

Wondering where your dues and fees go? Scroll down to see Scenic Estates expenses and allocations.

Payment Options

Pay Annually - $796
Due by January 31.

Pay Semi-Annually - $398
Due by January 31
and June 30

Pay Monthly
The monthly payment option is only available to members who maintain a current account status.

See LISECC Policy Statement #7 for more information

Where do my dues and fees go?


2018 Actual Expenses

2018 Actual & 2019 Budget Comparison