2017 Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held at the Scenic Estates Clubhouse on August 26.

Voting Results

Board of Directors open positions

Doug Cash: 83 ballots

Jeff Smith: 79 ballots

APPROVED: Confirming Don McQuiston for the one year remaining on the vacated Board position by Gloria Maxwell, to which he was appointed in May 2017 (per Bylaw

Approve: 81 | Disapprove: 3

APPROVED: 2018 Budget and Dues. The proposed Budget will decrease dues from $750 to $725 per year having a total income of $382.355 and expenses of $382,333.

Approve: 80 | Disapprove 3

DISAPPROVED: Audit of financial statements of the 2017 Fiscal Year.

Approve: 11 | Disapprove: 72

APPROVED: Amend section reducing the term length of directors from three years to two years with the change applicable to the current terms of all existing directors and those elected in the future.

Approve: 74 | Disapprove: 8

APPROVED: Amend section changing the wording from "paid" to "reimbursed". Intended to more accurately describe the process for "reimbursing" a Board member that incurs an expense on behalf of LISECC and is not a substantive change from how things are currently handled.

Approve: 78 | Disapprove: 5

APPROVED: Amend/adopt section authorizing a director stipend in the form of a credit to their LISECC membership account equal to 1/12 of the dues on a single lot for each regular monthly board meeting a director physically attends, starting in January 2018. 

Approve: 68 | Disapprove: 15