2018 Annual General Meeting

Saturday, August 25, 2018
at the Scenic Estates Clubhouse, Lummi Island

9:00 am
Call to order 10:00 am

Voting will occur on electing Board Members, the proposed 2019 Budget, and on how to proceed with the financial audit (as required by RCW 64.38.045).


"New" LISECC Board Meeting will be held at 5:00 p.m. at the Clubhouse.

Parking may be a little tight so if you are able to walk or carpool to the meeting that would help. We know that crabbing will be under way, but we would very much appreciate it if those members with boat trailers could take into consideration parking for the AGM when parking their boat trailers that morning so that our older members or those with physical limitations are able to park close to the club house.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.  

AGM Materials

Member proxy vote form and absentee ballot will be mailed to each member along with this information.

Board Member Candidate Statements

Ben Twigg

Ben and his wife Regina moved from Bellingham to LISE in January 2018. Professionally, Ben is the Finance Director at RE Sources (parent organization of the RE Store), helps to organize the Bellingham Bay Marathon, and occasionally does a little freelance accounting. Ben also serves on the board for ReUse Works (which includes Appliance Depot and Ragfinery) and volunteers in other roles regularly. 

To say that Ben is enjoying living in LISE would be an understatement; he loves how peaceful and quiet it is, being surrounded by natural beauty and having easy access to the water, and (of course) that his neighbors are so friendly and helpful! Ben and Regina are expecting their first child in late August, and they plan to call Lummi Island home for the foreseeable future – so Ben has a vested interest in helping strengthen the community for years to come. In Ben’s spare time you can probably find him working on their house (on Cedar Ave), kayaking from the LISE community beach, or exploring the island with their dog Coda.

Sharleen Peitsch-Tyerman

  • Married 32 yrs (Don) – 2 adult children – 4 dogs
  • Registered Nurse for 32 yrs
  • Private business owner for 10 yrs
  • L.I.S.E. property owner since 1961 (husband’s parents original owners)

My years in health care have provided me many experiences in interdisciplinary team membership.  Working with other health care professionals has allowed a development of responsibility and accountability which would transfer well to a volunteer board position.  I have found during my years in supervision that flexibility and compassion are necessary elements when dealing with people, regardless of them being staff or patients.  In addition, my Faith Community Nursing has provided many an opportunity to hear the voice of those who need to be heard.   

As a member of the L.I.S.E., I have a vested interest in the preservation and enhancement of our beautiful community.  It is imperative that we not only maintain but build up our facilities thereby securing mutual enjoyment for years to come.  By way of interest, my husband’s family has owned property in the L.I.S.E. since its beginning in 1961.  Although many changes have taken place over these fifty-seven years, the memories of Scenic Estates will live on undisturbed.

Paul Dempsey

Hello, I’m Paul Dempsey, husband of departing board member Leslie Dempsey. I am a past Scenic Estates board Vice President and a Scenic Estates Member since 2001. I’ve lived on-island full time for about a year now. I work full time as a software engineer on contract at Microsoft, telecommuting from my beautiful Lummi Island home at the end of the road. As owners, it’s up to all of us to be good shepherds of our community, not only to maintain and improve our physical resources, but also to maintain and improve the Scenic Estates organization. I am ready to take another turn, and I hope you will support me.