Minutes August 24, 2019

Board of Directors’ Meeting

Call to Order: Doug Cash called the meeting to order at 3:01 pm at the Scenic Estates Clubhouse.

  • Board members present: Jeff Smith, Doug Cash, Ben Twigg, Sharleen Peitsch-Tyerman, William Enoch

  • Board members absent: None

  • Staff Present: Isaac Colgan, Allison Cash

Voting Status: All board members present are in good standing. Quorum.

Changes to the Agenda:  None

Approval of Minutes: Jeff motioned to approve the Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes from July 21, 2019.  William seconded.  Passed.

New Business:

  • AGM Voting Results:

    • Doug Cash and Jeff Smith were elected to the board.  William Enoch was confirmed to the board.

    • The 2020 Budget was approved.

    • The audit of the 2019 fiscal year to be performed in 2020 was disapproved.

  • Election of Officers

    • Voting was done by secret ballot.  Doug Cash was elected President and Ben Twigg was elected Vice President.

  • Assignment of Committee Chairs

    • Sharleen Peitsch-Tyerman was appointed Administration Chair.

    • Jeff Smith was appointed Communications and Planning Chair.

    • Ben Twigg was appointed Finance Chair.

    • William Enoch was appointed Operations and Water Chair.

    • Ben Twigg was appointed Treasurer and Allison Cash was appointed Corporate Secretary.

  • Account 40035 Payment Plan Request.  Ben moved to approve the payment plan request.  William seconded.  Passed. 

  • Discussion of whether the Cabana should be left unlocked for the week following Labor Day.

Member Communications:

  • Account 10206 wrote a letter notifying the board that they did not receive their AGM notice or mailing. 

Other Business:

  • Next BOD Meeting: September 8, 2019 at 9:30am.

Adjournment: 3:33pm

Click here to see a table of the action items to be completed by board members as of August 24, 2019.