Minutes May 21, 2017


MEMBER CONCERNS:      none                             

CALLED TO ORDER:  by Mark Sexton at 9:30 a.m.

PRESENT: Mark Sexton, Leslie Dempsey, and Tim Slater

EXCUSED:  Doug Cash and Gloria Maxwell

VOTING STATUS:  All board members present are in good standing.  Quorum

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Leslie made a motion to approve the 4/23/17 BOD minutes.  Tim seconded.  Passed.

COMMUNICATIONS:  Mark discussed Gloria resigning as a board member.  Member Don Mccuiston stepped up to take the position.  Tim made a motion to appoint Don Mccuiston to the Board as  Communications and Planning Chair, Leslie seconded.  Passed.


FINANCE:  Leslie made a motion to post water shut notices and for lots #50022, #40043, #10202.   Tim seconded. All were given 30 days notice sent certified mail as per policy #7. Passed.  Don abstained.

Discussed lot #50026 & lot #10207 payment plan.   Tim states all payment plans need to provide for paying off the accrued balance within the payment plan period. Including interest and late fees as well as a commitment by the member to keep current in any amounts becoming due following approval of the payment plan. This payment did not.  Leslie made a motion to draft a new payment plan to address 25% down payment as good faith and will factor in expenses for 2018 & 2019.  Tim seconded.  Passed.  Don abstained.

Leslie discussed April’s 2017 profit and loss and balance sheet and everything seems to on budget.  The accountant now separated the ready to serve fee and usage on the profit and loss.  Leslie discussed the 2018 draft budget.  She figured out the expenses first and then based the dues on what is needed.  There is no audit budgeted since one will be done this year.  The insurance is May-May so there is a slight cushion in place since the budget is through December.   There is still a credit balance left at the attorney’s for legal fees. 

 Leslie discussed her bylaw proposal and the intent is to motivate members to serve on the board and attend the monthly meetings.  Board members who meet the conditions and are in good standing will receive a credit equal to 1/12 of a single lot annual dues for each monthly board meeting attended.  Tim discussed whether this will affect the current litigation or the insurance premiums.  Tim will check with legal counsel regarding whether adopting a meeting stipend for board members would impact the legal standard that applies to board members or the defenses available to them from what exist currently with no stipend.    Leslie made a motion to approve the bylaw proposal which will give qualified board members a monthly credit for each board meeting they physically attend which is equal to the dues amount for that year as long as the attorney approves.  This proposed stipend is included in the proposed 2018 budget in the 700 line item and would go into effect January 2018.  Tim seconded.  Passed. 

Leslie also mentioned Section which changes the wording that Directors shall be “reimbursed” instead of paid by the Community Club for reasonable expenses as they may necessarily incur in pursuance of the Business of the Community Club.  The Board approved all the proposed amendments for approval by the general membership at the August 2017 AGM.

Leslie made a motion to approve the 2018 budget that was discussed at the May 2017 meeting to be presented to the members for voting at the AGM.  This budget would make members dues $725/year.  With the total income at $382,355 and expenses $382,333.  Tim seconded.  Passed.  Don abstained.

Tim made a motion to change the proposed policy #7 to reflect when placing a lien on a lot it is 30 days from the certified mailing instead of 30 days from receipt.  As per the bylaws it is the members responsibility to provide us with their current address.  Leslie seconded.  Passed.  Don abstained. 

ADMINISTRATION:  Tim talked about bylaw proposal section and changing the length of a board members term.  This was thought to have been changed when the number of board members were changed.  This has been approved by the attorneys and was thought to be in effect when the last board members were voted on.  Tim made a motion to approve the amendment.  Leslie seconded.  Passed. Don abstained. 

Tim discussed the insurance and that the coverage is the same as last year. 

Leslie made a motion to pay the balance of the insurance policy in full.  Tim seconded.  Passed.  Don abstained. 


OPERATION:   None to report

Unfinished Business: None

Action items:  None

Tim made a motion to change the meeting from June 18th to the June 17th at 9:30.  Leslie seconded.  Passed.

The next board meeting is scheduled for June 17, 2017

Meeting Adjourned: 11:26 a.m.