2019 AGM Voting Results

The Annual General Meeting was held at the Scenic Estates Clubhouse on August 24.


Board of Directors (for two open positions)

  • Doug Cash: 75 votes

  • Jeff Smith: 73 votes

Confirmation of William Enoch for the one year remaining on the vacated Board position by Paul Dempsey to which he was appointed in July 2019 (per Bylaw

Approve: 76 | Disapprove: 1

At the board meeting following the AGM on August 24, the Directors elected the President and Vice President, and appointed the following offices:

  • President: Doug Cash

  • Vice President: Ben Twigg

  • Treasurer: Ben Twigg

  • Secretary: Allison Cash

  • Administration Chair: Sharleen Peitsch-Tyerman

  • Finance Chair: Ben Twigg

  • Communications Chair: Jeff Smith

  • Water and Operations Chair: William Enoch

2020 Budget and Dues


Approve: 76 | Disapprove: 2

The proposed Budget will maintain dues at $725 per year, having a total income of $399,025 and expenses of $399,025. Dues do not include the DWSRF loan, RTS, and water usage fees.

Audit of financial statements of the 2019 Fiscal Year


Approve: 7 | Disapprove: 70

The board is not recommending an audit of the 2019 fiscal year. The last audit was finalized in August 2019 for the 2018 fiscal year.