Help Scenic Estates win Wildfire Grant!

Thanks to Frankie Small, our Firewise coordinator, Lummi Island Scenic Estates has a chance to win a $500 grant to help Wildfire Preparedness at the Clubhouse and Marina. 

Please vote for the grant

You can help Scenic Estates win this grant by voting at NFPA. The contest is limited to one vote person, per day until March 2, 2018

We are a wooded community our Clubhouse is surrounded by trees reaching up hill, is at the bottom of a hill, and the surrounding vegetation really needs to be brought under control. Trees need to be limbed up and underbrush made manageable.

Scenic Estates is on the side of a steep incline and our neighborhood slope has been described as a "chimney" for fire to sweep up the mountain.

Our plan would be to have a work party to do this on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day (Saturday, May 5). The grant would help Scenic Estates rent a chipper to help with the clean up. Some of our members have worked hard to Firewise their own lots, but we really need all the help we can get to prepare for wildfire.

2017 Firewise work party at the marina

2017 Firewise work party at the marina

Permitted species of brush, limbs, and wood chips will be delivered to the Lummi Island Heritage Trust Aiston Preserve to help reclamation.

Scenic Estates has been working with NFPA Firewise USA since 2003, the second site in Washington to be recognized as a Firewise Community.