Spring 2018 Newsletter

To the membership, LISE:

The board is seeking input from the membership on two issues that affect all members of the Scenic Estates community: the means of bringing past due accounts current, and arriving at a means to ensure that new property owners/members are apprised of their responsibilities to the community to maintain the best (and only) surface water system on the island and the most complete suite of amenities of any area on Lummi Island. Our goal is to arrive at new policies that are fair and equitable to all members.

Over the past several months, and after a thorough review and audit of the member accounts, the board and the office staff at LISE has been attempting to bring all member accounts current with the payments for membership dues, water service and maintenance activities here in Scenic Estates. With recently updated accounting processes, delinquencies become more apparent. We’re happy to report that, since the changeover, most accounts have been brought current or are under a payment plan to achieve this end. Thank you.

The LISECC by-laws and policy statements of the community include provisions for both penalties and late fees in bringing delinquent accounts current. While changes to the by-laws require a full vote of the membership, the by-laws allow for policy statements to be amended by a vote of the board members. LISECC By-Laws and Policy Statements are always available for review at www.lisecc.com. A pull down menu from the information tab allows access to the governing documents.

We’re asking for input on how those policies for penalties and interest can be amended to make it fair to all, yet maintain the effect of requiring accounts to remain current for benefit of all members.

The second issue we’d like to address – and are seeking input on – is to develop a continuing dialog with those engaged in real estate sales to make certain that all those interested in acquiring property in Scenic Estates are fully informed of their responsibilities as members/owners and what the by-laws and policies in effect require from them to help maintain community assets. Making certain they are aware that the business office is available to help determine if there are any liens or charges on the property before the transaction is completed so the current owners can bring any delinquencies current.

Scenic Estates is a unique community here on Lummi Island. Our amenities have value for members, and it is our goal to continuously maintain and improve them for the benefit of all. The board meets on a regular basis – usually the third Sunday of the month. All members are invited to attend and bring their comments and recommendations to the board directly and in person.

And finally, the LISECC board is composed of volunteer members, acting on behalf of the entire community. At this year’s Annual General Membership meeting, there will be three open board positions all members will be asked to vote on. We’re looking for volunteers that are interested and willing to participate. It’s a great way to participate in the community and ensure that our community continues to develop and meet the needs of all members. To add your name to the ballot for this year’s Annual General Meeting, please contact the business office by June 10th (360-758-2699).

Finally, we’d like to encourage all to attend the meeting, give us your input, and, if possible volunteer to join us in helping to keep this community valuable to all.


Board of Directors, Lummi Island Scenic Estates