2015 AGM Newsletter


Dear Members,

Thank you to those of you who supported the two recent social events at the clubhouse. Not only did we have a lot of fun seeing old friends and making new ones, but we also raised over $1600 towards the Ramp It Up project. The Social Committee has plans for several more fun events, where we hope to raise additional funds and get closer to being able to begin the actual construction of the ramp. For those who are unaware of this project, after more than a year of wrestling through Whatcom County red-tape, the Ramp It Up Committee has finally obtained a building permit for a ADA compliant ramp that will provide access from midway down the driveway to the Clubhouse deck making the Clubhouse truly accessible to everyone.

As we mentioned in the April newsletter, we have done significant work on our main dock, which is now looking rather grand and will serve us well for many years to come!

With regard to the $65 levy that was added to the fees for the previous year for the purpose of hiring a part-time General Manager, this amount will be credited back to you in the next billing cycle. We have put this project on a temporary hold. Other good news on the financial front is that, in spite of everything that we have been dealing with, the only change to the dues will be a 2.1% cost of living increase. However, once the $65 has been credited, the actual fees payable for the year are reduced!

As most of you are aware, the LIHA lawsuit is still underway as is the Federal Court lawsuit brought by Chuck Ortego and others, including Louise Weber and Boyd Barry. Good news for everyone is that the LISE insurance has assigned us representation for both lawsuits and will be covering the costs, thereby freeing up our dues money for more useful purposes and allowing us to focus on a long term commitment of getting this matter finally resolved once and for all.

We encourage your attendance at the AGM to be held at the Grange on August 22nd at 10am. We recommend that you vote for no audit, as we are not due for an audit for another few years and have not budgeted for an audit, which is a fairly costly process. We also recommend voting in favor changing the number of members required to propose a bylaw amendment from 2 to 10. Lastly, but very importantly, we recommend that you re-elect both Mark Sexton and Doug Cash to the board. Both have generously agreed to continue to serve and have played a major role in stabilizing our organization and guiding us to our current strong position. This year’s board, under the excellent presidency of Mark Sexton, has worked well together and has achieved a great deal in spite of the major obstacles and threats thrown in our path.

Please note that after the AGM Dan Ohms and Bob Auld will be conducting a free, hands-on CPR class that will include AED training. The class will take approximately 30 minutes, so please stay after the AGM and gain the skill and knowledge to save a life.

As always, our thanks go to John and Kevin for providing us with some of the best drinking water around and for their work on numerous other projects. They have requested that we remind members to shut off their water at the meter if they plan to be away from their Lummi Island homes for more than two weeks.

Please remember that our monthly board meetings are held at the club house at 10.30 on the third Sunday of the month and members’ attendance and participation is welcomed and encouraged. Watch the website and the notice board for confirmed meeting dates as well as upcoming social and fundraising events. Make a commitment to get involved with LISECC this year and get the full benefit of living in our gorgeous community.

Your Board.