October 2018 Operations Report

Kevin Southworth, Operations Manager

During this month we:

  • Removed large docks on October 1.

  • Chris Immer installed aluminum railings to Marina gangway, completed October 5.

  • Installed the broom attachment on the new lawn tractor. Completed sweeping of almost all roads in LISE in about 6 hours. Previously the walk behind sweeper would take about 3 work days to do just the Community Roads.

  • Installed information sign at gate of Water Treatment plant, completed October 11.

  • Obtained building permit for vent hood installation on October 17.

  • Installed hitch receiver and trailer brake system on LISE truck October 19.

  • Winterized Clubhouse, Marina, and Cabana facilities.

  • Replaced 6 residential water meters, approximately 20 more need to be replaced under warranty.

On October 27, seven volunteers worked with Isaac on the Island Drive trail as a Firewise project, removing over 60 cubic yards of brush to Aiston Preserve. Sean Tait was hired to remove dangerous and overhanging limbs before this work day, and Mark Sexton contributed the use of his dumping trailer.

Water Usage (in gallons)

Pumped    326,110
Backwashes    25,575
Net pumped    300,535
Flushing    3,000
Net to distribution    297,535
Residential meters    249,900
Unaccounted for water    47,635
Percentage of loss        16%