Operations Report January 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped  402,200
  • Backwashes 51,150
  • Net pumped 351,050
  • Source meter 381,130
  • Flushing 6,000

Recorded loss

  • Net to distribution 375,130
  • Residential meters 222,180
  • Unaccounted for water 152,950
  • Percentage of loss 40%

We have had one of the heaviest rains this spring. The reservoir is past overflow as is the swim lake but we have not experienced any significant erosion. We have had to dig several drains to meters that are under water.

We need to add a column to the budget for water meters and billing. The costs are minimal now but the electronic meters were purchased in 2011 and after 10 years the warranty is prorated.

The water leak review proved to be a success. There were approximately 10 small leaks, most of which we were already aware of but there were two larger leaks which we have already repaired. Both of these leaks amounted to 20 days of leak in February. That means next months percentage of loss should be at 50,000 gallons. (If we are right.)

The backhoe is scheduled to be taken in for brake repair the last week of February. All water main distribution system will be hand digging until then.