Operations Report November 2015


Water usage

  • Pumped 552,400
  • Backwashes 49,500
  • Net pumped 502,900
  • Source meter 528,370
  • Flushing 0  

Recorded loss             

  • Net to distribution 528,370
  • Residential meters 200,400 
  • Unaccounted for water 427,970
  • Percentage of loss 62%

The reservoir is at overflow

We had a large leak this month that also caused erosion problems on Hales Passage this month. It took some time to complete repairs and the second leak we have located had to be postponed for repairs for another week. That leak is at the junction of Scenic Ave, Hales Passage, and Hummingbird. We are anticipating problems completing repairs as we will have to shut off a large portion of the north loop main. Also the main in that location is deep and the excavation will be sloppy.

We don’t have a good estimate of the amount of water lost due to the leak, but it clearly shows that one leak in a small system like ours skews the numbers terribly.

Utility Services are scheduled to come conduct their leak detection review on Dec 28, 29, and 30th. 

We are finishing our maintenance program for the year. It’s not a major project but we start the year out in 2016 with a complete calibration, servicing and cleaning of all treatment equipment and conduct a servicing program every three months. This saves us a huge amount of down time for unexpected repairs.