July 2017 Operations Report

Kevin Southworth, Operations Manager

This was a successful month for minimizing water loss in the distribution system. On July 7, a major leak was repaired at the south end of Beach Ave. Then on July 18, a second major leak was repaired on the north end of Beach Avenue. Since the repairs, our distribution flow is significantly reduced indicating that August's percentage of water loss will be even less. 

We are on track with preparations for our Sanitary Survey, scheduled for August 25.  

Although we do not have a definitive repair solution, we are working on a plan to repair or replace the Marina barbecue which was damaged this month. 

The new dock gangway is complete and Doug Cash was instrumental in delivering it to the Marina. Installation will be scheduled at the soonest opportunity.

At the Cabana, we have installed hand soap dispensers in the bathrooms, and a new volleyball net has been ordered.

Water Usage

Pumped: 644,630    
Backwashes:  80,850        
Net pumped: 563,780    
Flushing: 5,000            
Net to distribution: 558,780    
Residential meters: 416,470                                
Unaccounted for water: 142,310                
Percentage of loss: 22%