Section 1.2.


Article 1.2.1.
Number and gender
Where these Governing Documents use the singular in number and masculine in gender, it shall be understood to include the plural in number and the feminine in gender wherever required in the context of the sentence.

Article 1.2.2.
Updating of the 1970 issue
These Governing Documents, in their 1978 presentation, are a result of the growing awareness over the years of the need for an updating to present day standards by the successive Boards of Directors and a considerable portion of the membership.
These Governing Documents are presented in a new format to provide easier readability and allow changes to be made on the Club computer, without conveying to outside contractors for reducing to the previous “Pocket” size.
The introduction of the decimal numbering system, as well as the new division in parts and sections, will greatly improve the ease of reference and cross-referencing.

Article 1.2.3.
Composition of the Governing Documents 
The updating of the 1970 edition includes the lifting of the land covenants from the rules and regulations to form a new Part 2 and the inclusion of the Articles of Incorporation as Part 3.