Section 1.4.


Article 1.4.1.
For the definitions of words in these Governing Documents that are not included in Article 1.4.2. reference should be made to a standard dictionary.

Article 1.4.2
The following definitions are given in alphabetical order, and shall apply within the physical boundaries of the Estates only. 
"Accommodation" shall mean any type of shelter from the elements, within the context of clause it shall also mean the undeveloped property of a member.    
"Accompanied Guest" shall mean a person conforming to clause, who is in the physical presence of a member.
"Caretaker" shall mean the person replacing the Operations Manager during his absence from the Estates.
"Casual User" shall mean a non-member who uses, on an occasional basis, only the club facilities.
"Club" shall mean the members, The Board of Directors and their duly appointed representatives.
"Clubhouse Area" shall mean to encompass the clubhouse proper with its deck and stairs leading down to it, the adjacent ground and parking lot, the picnic area, the barbecue area, the beach, the boat ramp and the mooring facilities (float).
"Estates, The" shall mean to encompass all lots, roads, alleys, easements and public sites as dedicated in the plats of Lummi Island Scenic Estates, and as described in Article 2.1.1.
"Guest" shall mean a non-member who is visiting a member's accommodation with the intent of staying for a day, an overnight, a weekend or a vacation.
"Invitee" shall mean a non-member who, because of his function, position, occupation or job must, within the execution of his duties, enter the Estates.
"Invited Guest" shall mean a person conforming to clause, but not to clause, and who is capable and willing to show proof that his presence is invited, permitted or sanctioned by a host member, upon being so requested by a member or employee of the Estates.  See also clause
"Lake Area" shall mean to encompass the cabana proper with its patio, the adjacent parking area, the tennis court, the grassed beach area and the lake itself with its embankment.
"Member" shall mean a person of any age or sex who owns one or more lots in the Estates.
"Non-Member" shall mean a person of any age or sex who does not own property within the Estates.
"Operations Manager" shall mean an adult person of any sex who is hired by the Board and charged with authorities and duties as outlined in Section 5.6.
Deleted January 27, 2013.
"Tenant" shall mean a non-member who rents or leases property and/or accommodation within the Estates.