Section 4.6.


Articles 4.6.1.
Non-conforming properties
To bring Scenic Estates into compliance with the Whatcom County Code, the following regulations are hereby in effect and shall be followed by all members:
No non-conforming structures, travel trailers or recreational vehicles may be placed upon a Scenic Estates lot for permanent dwelling.
During construction of a permanent dwelling, travel trailers or recreational vehicles may be utilized as temporary dwelling units for a period of two years only.

“WCC 20.34.104. Accessory Uses: Temporary dwelling units which have full living accommodations including sleeping, self-contained cooking, bathing, and toilet facilities where the plumbing is connected to permanent site sewage and water systems, including those travel trailers and recreational vehicles that meet the above description, for use by owners during the period of construction of a permanent dwelling while building permit is valid, not to exceed two years.” 
Non-conforming structures may not be used to replace existing non-conforming structures.
Existing non-conforming structures may not be transferred from one lot to another.
All buildings, structures, and trailers must comply with State law, County ordinance, and any governmental or quasi-governmental agency rules or regulations. This includes existing structures since the Board has no authority to waive compliance with law.
The Club’s Articles of Incorporation (incorporated by reference from the plat dedication and Bylaw prohibit the maintenance of unsightly property and grant the Club the right to prohibit such unsightliness. Nothing in this section affects the Club’s right to continue to enforce that provision of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaw
Failure to abide by the above regulations will result in penalties being enacted per Bylaw