Policy 2

Winterizing of private water systems

At times, above-normal loss of water in the wintertime is due to some members failing to take necessary precautions in winterizing their water systems. This requires the Operations Manager to spend many extra hours going from house to house and lot to lot hunting for breaks and listening for seepage at service "shut-offs and drains" that have not been properly turned off. When not turned off properly, many of these "shut-offs" will turn off the water to the property but will still drain the main line.

From the first of November to the middle of March in this area we can have a considerable drop in temperature overnight. A member's water system may freeze, causing pipes to break where his water system has not been sufficiently insulated or properly winterized.

In the past as much as 30,000 gallons of water per day have been lost due to members failing to take the necessary precautions. This has resulted in added use of chemicals, power for pumping, extra time for caretaker, and added inconvenience and embarrassment to the member.

The Board of Directors feel that when water is left running to preclude freezing, the added cost of producing this wasted water should be billed to the member. There is no valid reason for leaving water running and this misuse of the water will result in charges and possible fines.

Effective 26 June 1978, revised 13 March 1988, 11 June 2000, and 17 December 2017.
Approved by the Board of Directors in regular session 26 June 1978, Wallace W. Croy, President.