Policy 4

Use of equipment/staff assistance

The backhoe is not available for use outside the Lummi Island Scenic Estates at any time. Backhoe, with operator, is available for hire to members at the current professional rate. All other equipment, including the pick-up, is for the sole use of Club employees on LISE business.

Effective 14 March 1993, revised 13 June 1999 and 11 June 2000.
Approved by the Board of Directors in regular session 14 March 1993, Moe Demers President.

The Operations Manager and staff , along with LISE equipment, may be available for assistance to LISE members in emergency situations. “Emergency Situations” are not to be construed to include problems that have arisen because of procrastination or poor planning on the part of the member. The LISE staff and equipment are also not available for repairs or lot improvements unless prearranged with the Board of Directors through the Operations Manager.

Effective 9 February 1997.
Approved by the Board of Directors in regular session 9 February 1997, James Lawson, President.