Minutes April 15, 2018

Board of Directors Meeting

Guest Forum: Sue Aspelund requested that remaining “Ramp It Up” funds be used to purchase disaster preparedness supplies such as cots, blankets and emergency food.  It was emphasized that the money is “Ramp it Up” funds, therefore, it is not necessary to seek board approval for spending.

Call to Order: Dempsey called meeting to order at 9:43 am at the Scenic Estates Clubhouse. 

  • Board members present: Leslie Dempsey, Doug Cash, Jeff Smith, Tim Slater, Don McCuiston
  • Board members absent: None
  • Staff Present: Kevin Southworth, Isaac Colgan, Allison Cash

Voting Status:  All board members present are in good standing.  Quorum.

Cash motioned to allow the disaster preparedness supplies to be stored in the maintenance shop.  Smith seconded.  Key for storage to remain with board members and staff.  Passed.

Changes to the Agenda:

  •  Discussion of updating current dog policies to be added under Communications/Planning report.
  • Firewise letter from Frankie to be discussed as part of Operations report.

Approval of Minutes:                                                   

  • Slater motioned to approve the March 18, 2018 Board of Directors minutes with the following amendment to the motion re: Wydra Letter of Temporary Water Connection.
    • “…that we allow Scott Wydra to sign draft letter subject to his agreement to also sign the recordable Letter of Temporary Water Connection once it is finalized by LISE legal counsel.
  • Cash seconded as amended.  McCuiston and Dempsey abstained.  Passed.


  • President      
    • Formation of committee to draft 2019 budget: Dempsey, Smith and Cash volunteered to serve on committee.  Possibly have draft budget by May 2018 BOD meeting.  The draft budget will be approved by the board to be put forward for ratification by the membership at the AGM.
    • Consideration of Bylaw amendments for submission at AGM.  Dempsey encouraged directors to think about any changes that should be put forward to membership.
    • Review draft of re: Water Service Connection Procedure. 
      • Edits: 1…one time extension, not to exceed one year.  2.  All service connections are subject to provisions of Bylaw section 4.6. 
    • McCuiston made a motion to approve draft of with amended language.  Cash seconded.  Passed. 
  • Administration 
    • Slater would like meet with Dempsey and LISE counsel to draft a recordable letter about the current number of available water connections so future buyers are aware of the status.
  • Treasurer
    • Discussion of WECU/Key Bank Employee Debit Cards:  WECU does not allow for anyone that is not a signer on the account to be named on the card.  Currently, Dempsey’s name is on the WECU debit card, but if anyone else uses the card, the fraud protection is void.  As a short term option, keep debit account at Key Bank while other options are explored.
    • Review of financial reports.  Close to $438,000 in reserves at Key Bank and Peoples Bank.  Shows strength and financial health of association.
    • Discussion of letter to membership seeking input on late charges/fees for LISE.  Finalized letter to be sent out to full membership with water invoices, if applicable, or on its own, if not.  Letter should be put on LISE letterhead with signature block.  Also, add reference to Policy 7 in third paragraph and deadline for submission for board position by June 10th.  Cash motioned to approve letter as amended for mailing to membership.  McCuiston seconded.  Passed.
    • Discussion of ways to edit invoices/statements to add explanation about total amount due.
  • Operations/Water
    • Cash reviewed Operations report. 
    • Reviewed Firewise letter acknowledging LISE for 15 years of continuous participation in the program.  Received $500 grant which will be used to rent wood chipper for work party on May 5.  Focus of the day will be on clearing marina area and educating members on how to firewise their own properties.  Cash to let Frankie know that the installation of the docks takes precedence and that it may be a busy day at the marina due to fishing opener.
    • Cash would like to explore possibility of cleaning up some of the trees around the cabana.  Will bring ideas to next meeting.
  • Communications/Planning
    • Discussion of consistency and posting on NextDoor.  Possibly draft statement for board and staff to use as response.
    • Discussion of amending our dog policies.  Adding bags, signage and place to walk dogs on leash around perimeter of lake (not near playground or cabana area).  Health department may place restrictions on dogs around the lake because it is registered as our secondary water source.  McCuiston to bring ideas for signage and pricing to next board meeting. 

Member Communications:

  • Letter from Frankie Small about Firewise:  Discussed during Operations report.

Old Business:  None

New Business:

  • Review Consumer Confidence Report.  Data is based on 9 year cycle.  Quote for printing and mailing to entire membership less than $500.  Must be mailed out by July 1, but should be added to website before then.  Cash motioned to approve the printing of Drinking Water Quality Report, pending any changes, not to exceed $500.00.  Smith seconded.  Passed. 

 Other Business:

  • Next Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for May 20, 2018 at 9:30.

Adjournment: 12:08 pm