Minutes March 18, 2018

Board of Directors Meeting

Guest Forum: Scott Wydra and Katie Boyd came to discuss the status of their water connection/Letter of Approval for Temporary Water Connection.  The board stated that the Letter of Temporary Approval for Water Connection is pending with Greg Thulin and he is putting it in a format that can be recorded with the county.  Scott and Katie were given a DRAFT copy of the letter for their reference. 

Call to Order: Slater called the meeting to order at 10:10 am at the Scenic Estates Clubhouse.

  • Board Members Present: Doug Cash, Jeff Smith, Tim Slater
  • Board Members Absent: Leslie Dempsey, Don McCuiston
  • Staff Present: Kevin Southworth, Isaac Colgan, Allison Cash

Voting Status: All board members present are in good standing.  Quorum.

Changes to the Agenda: None

Approval of Minutes: 

  • Cash motioned to approve Board of Directors Meeting Minutes from February 25, 2018.  Smith Seconded.  Passed.                                          


President: None  

Administration: None


  • Financial reports look good.


  • Cash reviewed Operations report. 
  • Bracket was welded to gangway and looking into welding the rail.  Docks are scheduled to go in around May 1, depending on tides and weather. 
  • Beaver hasn’t shown any signs of new activity, but has not been trapped.
  • Discussion of “Ramp It Up” funds: A little more than $3,000 available.  Possibly replace tables and chairs for clubhouse.
  • Slater motioned that if we don’t have a recordable Letter of Temporary Water Connection from our legal counsel for lot 40074 and 40075 in the next 10 days, that we allow Scott Wydra to sign draft letter subject to his agreement to also sign the recordable Letter of Temporary Water Connection once it is finalized by LISE legal counsel.  Cash seconded. Passed.

Communications/Planning: None

Member Communications:

  • Account 50004 & 50005-Letter Requesting Late Fee Waiver.  Allison to use draft letter about late fees and send to member.

Old Business:

  • WECU- Scanner set up last week, but at this time, we only have one checking account and one savings account.  Allison has notified WECU and is hoping to get it sorted out next week so that we can begin transition.

New Business: None

Board Executive Session:

  • Discuss Letter of Temporary Approval for Water Connection:  No longer necessary as topic was covered in Guest Forum.

Other Business

  • Next Board of Directors Meeting is scheduled for April 15, 2018 at 9:30.

Adjournment: 10:30 am.