Minutes February 25, 2018

Board of Directors Meeting

Guest Forum: None

Call to Order: Dempsey called the meeting to order at 9:30 at the Scenic Estates Clubhouse.

Board Members Present: Leslie Dempsey, Doug Cash, Jeff Smith, Don McCuiston, Tim Slater

Board Members Absent: None

Staff Present: Kevin Southworth, Isaac Colgan, Allison Cash

Voting Status: All board members present are in good standing.  Quorum. 

Changes to the Agenda: 

  • Member communication from Account 10202 to be added.

Approval of Minutes:  

  • Smith motioned to approve Board of Directors Meeting minutes from January 21, 2018.  Cash seconded.  Slater abstained. Passed.


President: None


  • Discussion of water connection requirements for undeveloped lots.  In the course of granting water connection to undeveloped lot(s), it should be made clear that it is a conditional water connection granted under conditions of completing permanent structure.  If the member fails to complete permanent structure, connection is void.  Slater believes that until a permanent policy is in place, LISE should make an interim policy change, as of February 25, 2018, reflecting the aforementioned idea.  Mark Sexton suggests writing a policy statement that lays out procedure for connection and disconnection, including requiring building permit for connection.  Possibly, draft letter (approved by attorney) that needs to be signed by member, in addition to Letter of Water Availability, to clarify that a connection is temporary based on building completion.  Letter could be sent to title companies to make new owners aware of policy, as well as an attrition statement that new owners would have to comply with policies, even if buying from someone who was out of compliance. Cash to draft letter for Scott Wydra to sign for interim water connection.  Mark Sexton volunteered to help Administration committee draft policy statement.  
  • Discussion of forming an Ad Hoc committee to review and update LISECC Personnel Policy Manual as current manual is not tailored to LISECC.  Cash has volunteered to be on the committee.


  • Discussion of LISECC sick leave policy conforming to WA State regulations.  Slater motioned to amend LISECC sick leave policy to conform to recent change in state sick leave law.  Cash seconded.  Passed.
  • Discussion of change to Policy 7 section on late fees & interest charges on delinquent accounts.  Smith has drafted a letter for members to let them know that these policies have been in place for some time and we must adhere to them.  Discussion of making late charge flat fee each month or proportional to what is owed, rather three times a year as it is now.  Smith suggested that board could request feedback from members about how to handle late fees.  Slater suggested getting rid of interest and implementing staggered late fees.  Important to keep the motivation to pay, but also make it reasonable for members.


  • Cash reviewed Operations report. 
  • Kevin and Cash are working on Isaac’s employee evaluation.
  • PogoZone has submitted their recommendation for surveillance cameras.  Cash proposes we purchase Arlo Pro cameras. Phase 1-test phase at swim lake.  Purchase cost of $620.  Includes base station and 4 cameras which would be placed at the security gate (entrance and exit), cabana parking lot and reservoir, and reservoir tanks and vault.  Cameras will meet Homeland Security requirement and WA state requirement.  Kevin commented that we may have to provide electricity on far side of Tank 1.  Phase 2-install cameras at Marina Clubhouse and Maintenance Shop for $700.  Cameras are motion activated with alarm.  For up to 16 cameras, the Business Basic plan is $130/yr for subscription.  Cameras will only be used for monitoring LISE buildings and property, not for monitoring lake, beach or homes. Slater motioned to purchase ArloPro Security System not to exceed $1700 for all phases of security system and 2018 annual subscription fee.  Smith seconded.  Cash noted to make sure signs are posted about cameras.  McCuiston abstained.  Passed.  

Communications/Planning: None

Member Communications:

  • Frankie Small - Thank you letter and reminder of May 5 Firewise work party.
  • Account #40008 - Signed copy of agreement to split lot.  Member has stated he will get agreement recorded with Whatcom County.
  • Account #10206 - Letter requesting explanation for 2018 loan repayment amount.  Calculated by total annual payment due divided by number of dues paying lots.  We have never adjusted for each year due to fact that it is minimal amount.  Dempsey will draft letter.
  • Account #10229/30 - Note about forms of payment.  Accepting payment on website would add cost to membership.  Possibly suggest setting up bill pay through bank.  McCuiston will draft response.
  • Account #70026 – Letter about late fees.  McCuiston to draft letter from Board.
  • Account #30087-Letter about late fees.  Allison to use draft letter about late fees and send to member.
  • Account #10202-Letter about lien/late fees.  Dempsey to draft response.  Allison to send contact update form via email.

Old Business:

  • WECU is setting things up on their end and once complete, we can connect scanner and begin transition from Key bank.
  • Publishing of Governing Documents - Isaac presented draft of Governing Docs website page.  Documents can now be linked by section on website.  Can direct members to sections rather than going through entire PDF.  Board approves of layout.  

New Business: None

Other Business:

  • Next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for March 18 at 9:30.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35.