Minutes January 21, 2018

Board of Directors MeetinG

Guest Forum: Scott Wydra requested water connection on lot 40074.  Member will complete and submit Whatcom County Water Availability Form with building permit.  Slater (via phone conversation) recommends talking to Thulin and drafting an awareness letter that reiterates to members that new construction must be completed within two years.

Isaac Colgan shared a letter acknowledging Kevin’s dedication and hard-work, despite difficult and challenging conditions.

Call to Order: Dempsey called the meeting to order at 9:55 am at the Scenic Estates Clubhouse

Board Members Present: Leslie Dempsey, Doug Cash, Don McCuiston, Jeff Smith

Board Members Absent: Tim Slater

Staff Present: Kevin Southworth, Isaac Colgan, Allison Cash

Voting Status: All board members present are in good standing.  Quorum.

Changes to the Agenda:

  • Request from Frankie Small to discuss upcoming Firewise training to be added as part of President’s report

Approval of Minutes: 

  • Smith motioned to approve Board of Directors Meeting minutes from December 17, 2017.  Cash seconded. Passed.



  • Account 20030-property sold at tax sale Nov 17, 2017.  Discussion of whether we should take former owner to small claims court.  
  • Firewise workshop on Jan. 31 in Olympia.  Frankie Small would like Isaac to attend with her as a LISE employee.  Traditionally, Firewise is a volunteer effort, however, may be beneficial to community to have him attend as an employee. Cash motioned to have Isaac be paid up to a maximum of 8 hours to go to Firewise workshop plus mileage on January 31.  If there is an entry fee, Colgan will be reimbursed.  Smith seconded.  This training may preclude other training in 2018.  Passed.


  • In 2017, made $45,000 transfer from Operations to Unallocated Reserves.  
  • Discussion of lower expenses in 2017 and higher income.  Smith motioned that we split the net profit based on cash numbers and deposit into reserve account in an amount not to exceed $40,000.  McCuiston seconded.  Passed.


  • Cash reviewed Operations report.  Kevin reported he has ordered new beaver lure and it is on the way.  


  • Cable modem and router are set up at the maintenance shop and ready for camera.  JD from PogoZone came out and gave quote for equipment installation at water plant.  $1,500.00 quote includes connectivity at the cabana, tanks and plant and would give us ability to have the camera and sensor at the tanks that is required. Additional $9/mo to install managed router that would allow PogoZone to provide support, if necessary.  Cash motioned to approve PogoZone to go forward with installation of equipment to meet the Homeland Security requirements, not to exceed $2,000 and the $9/mo fee for the commercial router.  Smith seconded.  We can limit how much internet people are using, if we are providing Wi-Fi at the lake.  Passed. 

Member Communications:

  • Account #20008 and 90044: Request to waive/refund Late Fees and Finance Charges.  Smith to draft letters to members explaining how late fees are applied and that we will not be waiving charges.

Old Business:

  • WECU bill pay is set up and check scanner has arrived.  Will make transition from Key Bank to WECU by February BOD meeting.
  • Kevin has a smart phone on the way to test.  McCuiston would prefer to maintain landline for backup and/or emergencies.  
  • Once connectivity is set up at the offices, we will proceed with surveillance cameras.

New Business:

  • Firewise Work Party-May 5, 2018.  Frankie Small has applied for $500 grant to have Firewise work party at the marina.  Discussion of staff involvement in firewising on LISECC properties.  Staff job description does not include “firewising”, however, staff is responsible for maintenance of LISECC properties.
  • Publishing of governing documents will be addressed at February’s meeting.  Updated governing docs distributed to board members.  

Other Business:

  • Next Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Feb 25, 2018 at 9:30

15-30 minute Executive session to address employee issue.  No action taken.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00pm