Minutes November 18, 2018

Board of Directors Meeting

Guest Forum: None

Call to Order: Paul Dempsey called the meeting to order at 9:30 am at the Scenic Estates Clubhouse.

  • Board members present: Paul Dempsey, Jeff Smith, Sharleen Peitsch-Tyerman, Ben Twigg

  • Board members absent: Doug Cash

  • Staff Present: Kevin Southworth, Isaac Colgan, Allison Cash

Voting Status: All board members present are in good standing. Quorum.

Changes to the Agenda:  None 

Approval of Minutes: Board of Directors’ Meeting Minutes from October 21, 2018 approved.


  • President

    • Tax Foreclosure Sale cancelled on Account 50026.  Member also paid delinquent LISECC accounts in full.

  • Administration: No report

  • Finance

    • Discussion of signers on bank accounts and drafting a policy to address the issue. 

    • Ben motioned to authorize Leslie Dempsey to open membership at Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union (PSCCU).  Sharleen seconded.  Passed.  Ben made a motion to amend previous motion and add Leslie Dempsey and Ben Twigg to be signers on new account at PSCCU. Sharleen seconded. Passed.

  • Operations/Water: No report

  • Communications/Planning:

    • First email to membership sent out and well received.  The goal is to send out an email to the membership at least monthly.

Member Communications:

  • Discussion of Tim Slater’s letter re: Option to opt in to the WUCIOA.  In addition to the information in the letter, it was noted that LISECC would be required to issue Resale Certificates for new buyers, which could be a costly process (paid for by the seller). 

Old Business:

  • Discussion of potential by-law changes to comply with WUCIOA.  Ultimately, it is two separate issues.  The first issue is whether we should conduct a legal review of our Governing Documents. The average range of cost for a legal review is between $5,000-$10,000.  The second issue is deciding whether to actually opt in to WUCIOA.  Best route may be to have bylaws reconciled to bring them in line with current legislation, without making significant changes to our Governing Documents. 

New Business: None

Other Business:

  • Next board meeting is scheduled for December 9th at 9:30am.

Adjournment: 10:55 am.

Click here to see a table of the action items to be completed by board members.