Minutes October 21, 2018

Board of Directors Meeting

Guest Forum: None

Call to Order: Paul Dempsey called the meeting to order at 9:32 am at the Scenic Estates Clubhouse.

  • Board members present: Paul Dempsey, Doug Cash, Jeff Smith, Sharleen Peitsch-Tyerman, Ben Twigg

  • Board members absent: None

  • Staff Present: Kevin Southworth, Isaac Colgan, Allison Cash

Voting Status: All board members present are in good standing. Quorum.

Changes to the Agenda:  None 

Approval of Minutes: Doug motioned to approve the Board of Directors Meeting Minutes from September 22, 2018.  Sharleen seconded.  Passed.


  • President

    • LILCO foreclosure hearing tentatively set for Dec 7, 2018.

    • In process of getting digital archive of documents from attorney re: Ortego v. LISECC lawsuit.

  • Administration

    • Discussion of potential bylaw changes. Possibly a two-step process beginning with reconciling bylaws with the WUCOIA and then an overhaul of the bylaws.  Table discussion until next board meeting. 

  • Finance

    • Doug motioned to transfer payment from reserves for $7,755.31 for Chris Immer and Colonial Metal Works for new rails on the ramp. Ben seconded.  Passed.

    • Doug motioned to transfer $843.68 from reserves to pay PMG Controls to cover excess of previous approval for $7,000. Jeff seconded. Passed.

    • Account 50026-Tax Foreclosure Sale on November 16, 2018.  Discussion of whether it is in LISE’s best interest to bid on the property at auction, or pay the taxes prior to the auction in order to preserve our lien on the property.   If the taxes are paid, LISE can proceed with foreclosure.  Ben moved to authorize himself and/or Leslie to go into the county prior to Nov. 15 and pay the tax lien on the property in order to protect our lien. Doug abstained.  Passed.

  • Operations/Water

    • Doug motioned to use funds from reserves, not to exceed $2,500, for the replacement of tables and chairs at the clubhouse. Sharleen seconded.  Passed.

    • Doug motioned to mail the letter to account 10217 re: clearing items away from the water meter box.  Sharleen seconded.  Passed.

  • Communications/Planning:

    • Sign-up for the opt-in email system is now available on the website for members.  Jeff will be responsible for creating emails.

Member Communications:

  • Leslie Dempsey reported that Customs and Border Protection visited the clubhouse last week.  They are scouting places where they can watch boats coming into/out of  Hales Passage in order to identify any smuggling. 

Old Business: None

New Business:

  • Discussion on length of board meetings and being conscious of time.

Other Business:

  • Next board meeting is scheduled for November 18th at 9:30am.

Adjournment:  Sharleen motioned for adjournment at 11:11am.  Ben seconded.  Passed.

Click here to see a table of the action items to be completed by board members.