March 2018 Operations Report

Kevin Southworth, Operations Manager

During this month we:

  • We removed the old marina gangway and repaired small dock bracket. The new aluminum gangway was installed on March 30.
  • The pressure reducing valve (PRV) replacement (at the swim lake spillway) by Blythe was approved. Installation date to be determined once the PRV is ready.
  • Master Meter software, used for meter reading and leak detection, was updated to the latest version.
  • A water leak was identified and repaired at 2921/2925 Cedar Avenue on March 8. Identifying water leakage is still a high priority.
  • Pogozone installed components and CAT-5 cable for the swim lake/storage tanks wi-fi network. Wi-fi project is not complete at this time.
  • The Cabana was dewinterized.
  • Isaac attended Water System Mapping training on March 12.

Water Usage (in gallons)

Pumped    431,110
Backwashes    51,150
Net pumped    379,960
Flushing    5,000
Net to distribution    374,960
Residential meters    240,820
Unaccounted for water    134,140
Percentage of loss        36%