April 2018 Operations Report

Kevin Southworth, Operations Manager

During this month we:

  • Reconfigured piping for pumps #1 and #2 and replumbed turbidity meters to comply with Sanitary Survey findings to allow monitoring of filter-to-waste system.
  • Consulted with Master Meter rep to streamline our meter reading and leak detection software.
  • Submitted a DNR lease renewal for the Marina facilities.
  • Installed water service at 30074.
  • Produced the 2018 Consumer Confidence Report (Annual Water Quality Report) for mailing in May.
  • Replaced the pressure relief valve at the spillway vault with Blythe Plumbing.

LISE also hosted the Scenic Estates group of the Island Cleanup at the Cabana on April 7. This was well attended and greatly helped with litter pickup. Thank you volunteers!

Water Usage (in gallons)

Pumped    432,280
Backwashes    49,500
Net pumped    382,780
Flushing    5,000
Net to distribution    377,780
Residential meters    245,130
Unaccounted for water    132,650
Percentage of loss        35%