May 2018 Operations Report

Kevin Southworth, Operations Manager

During this month we:

  • Installed the new Marina gangway and launched the docks.
  • Firewise volunteer work party at the Clubhouse and Marina for Wildfire Community Preparedness Day on May 5.
  • Identified two failed customer meters, one of which failed to alert a leak at that address. These meters failed due to exposure and freezing conditions. We have since audited all meters that have not recorded usage in the last six months to determine if there are other failed meters in the system.
  • Removed water meter at #30090.
  • Repaired leak at Marina blow off valve.
  • Asphalt repair at the Marina by Huizenga Enterprises.
  • Backhoe brake line repair by Farmer’s Equipment Company.

Water Usage (in gallons)

Pumped    409,320
Backwashes    51,500
Net pumped    357,820
Flushing    5,000
Net to distribution    352,820
Residential meters    311,850
Unaccounted for water    40,970
Percentage of loss        12%