June 17-July 15, 2019 Operations Report

Kevin Southworth, Operations Manager

During this period we:

  • Fire Marshall inspection items were completed, and the Clubhouse has been approved by the Whatcom County building inspector for 99 occupancy.

    • Mark Sexton replaced the main door and double doors with outswing doors and panic bar exit hardware.

    • PMG Controls (electrician) installed emergency exit lights.

  • The mixer in storage tank #1 failed within the warrantee period. A replacement mixer unit was installed on July 12 along with upgrades to the breaker panel in the storage tanks vault.

  • New water service for account 40003 installed July 2. Construction is underway for a new residence there.

  • Investigated purchase options for replacement backhoe loader.

June 2019 Water Usage (in gallons)

From storage tanks 529,980
Flushing    3,000
Net to distribution   526,900
Residential meters    384,950 Unaccounted for water    142,030
Percentage of loss        27.0%