Aug. 19-Sept. 5, 2019 Operations Report

Kevin Southworth, Operations Manager

During this period we:

  • Purchased replacement filter media in preparation of future needs.

  • Installed new chlorine analyzer (Hach CL10).

  • Replaced life ring at the swim lake.

  • Isaac is scheduled for Level 2 exam training on September 25-27 and take exams for WTPO and WDM level 2 sometime in October.

  • Tentatively scheduled: small dock removal for September 19 or 20, and large dock removal for October 3 or 4.

The new small docks are nearing completion, thank you to Duncan McLane and Chris Immer for all their work so far.

August 2019 Water Usage (in gallons)

From storage tanks 559,900
Flushing    3,000
Net to distribution   556,900
Residential meters    410,030 Unaccounted for water    146,870
Percentage of loss        26.4%