Operations Report August 2015


Water Usage

  • Pumped 629,000
  • Backwashes 92,400
  • Net pumped 536,600
  • Source meter 549,570
  • Flushing 5,000

Recorded loss

  • Net to distribution 544,570
  • Residential meters 374,540
  • Unaccounted for water 170,030
  • Percentage of loss 31%

The reservoir is now at minus 65" from overflow. At this rate we might see minus 7'. THis is all within normal range and it will provide us an opportunity to see how quickly we recharge this winter.

At the storage tanks, at the beginning of the distribution system we monitor and test the chlorine content of the water with an instrument called a CL 17. That instrument is now 18 years old. Twice in the last week we have received a "sensor warning" on the display screen. We are working with tech support to determine the actual source of the problem but they are saying maybe we need to have a technician come out and look at the instrument as it may be the motherboard. A tech visit will run over $1,000.00 and a new instrument will cost $3,500.00 to $4,000.00. We will continue to work on the problem.

We took the small docks out Friday and hopefully be taking the large docks out October 2nd. This could be a problem if the ferry doesn't come back on schedule. But the forecast for the weather and tide are the best we are going to get. The only hitch would be the crane which we have to schedule.