Operations Report June 2015


Water usage

  • Pumped 749,700
  • Backwashes 77,650
  • Net pumped 672,150
  • Source meter 572,950
  • Flushing 5,000

Recorded loss

  • Net to distribution 567,950
  • Residential meters 482,710
  • Unaccounted for water 85,240
  • Percentage of loss 15%

With the high temperatures we have had extremely high usage. This was combined with one residence that had a water problem of gigantic proportions. The owners at 1215 Beach are part time and they came to LISE at the last of May or the first weekend of June and when they left the toilet didn’t shut completely, etc long story short by the time we found it was 38,580 gallons. We don’t have a billing for usage that high. The good part is when we found it they immediately came and repaired it.

We had a major electrical problem the weekend of July 11th. A circuit breaker failed and we couldn’t get an electrician until Monday, actually it was Tuesday before we were completely on line. That added up to 70,000 gallons that we had to catch up on. The problem was a delay and when we had the repair, I had the electrician get us a backup delay for inventory.

We have had a request for a new connection on Berry Way. I mentioned this to the board last month saying it might happen and that we need a decision as to billing. This is one of the connections that was already installed but shut off when we installed meters. So the meter box and meter setter are already in. The electronic meter is not installed. The service charge has already been paid but not the electronic meter head which costs $250.00.

In addition, we have put updating water connections off for some time. There are several connections that we need to remove. We will be remove two services in August.

The reservoir is now at minus 32” from overflow. I have not had the pump back on this year at all. I normally expect the level to go to minus 4 feet around the middle of September. When we get to minus 4 feet the pump back only produces 10 gallons a minute so we have to shut it off as it cycles the pump too much. Even with the warm weather the reservoir levels are in the normal range.