Operations Report May 2015


Water usage

  • Pumped 679,030
  • Backwashes 55,080
  • Net pumped 618,950
  • Source meter 435,510
  • Flushing 5,000

Recorded loss

  • Net to distribution 430,510
  • Residential meters 336,520
  • Unaccounted for water 93,990
  • Percentage of loss 22%

The docks are in. I reported this last month but now the small docks are in also. We already have boat owners putting their boats at the dock and leaving them there for extended periods of time. Crab season in July is when tempers start to rise as far as individuals leaving their boats at the dock.

We painted the clubhouse deck and will be resurfacing the roof hopefully this next month.

Glenda has created a worksheet for use when we are looking at historical individual usage. She cut and pasted the report but it exists as one of the “Master Meter Billing System” reports. We should look at using that system as our billing system. The worksheet has several functions which are also useful to the board.

We are now using significantly higher amounts of water per residence than the winter usage. The only difference for operations is we are now averaging 8 hours pump time per day instead of 4. The additional dosage of chemicals is not significant. The difference is that this last month we had 38 residences usage in tier two and they will be getting an added water bill, which will probably cause some complaints.