Operations Report June 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped 419,600
  • Backwashes 56,100
  • Net pumped 363,500
  • Source meter 491,400
  • Flushing 5,000
  • Net to distribution 486,400
  • Residential meters 314,380
  • Unaccounted for water 171,560
  • Percentage of loss 35%

We now have two price quotes for re roofing the clubhouse. A copy of each has been added to board reports.

Dock wheels are proving to be a huge problem. We realized there are issues with the ramp if we use steel wheels. We need to spread the weight out as much as possible. I am looking into UHMW or Delrin rollers. The other possibility is a wagon with rubber tires.

The first of July is a huge time for us in the treatment plant. This is the end of the second quarter and we service and calibrate all the meters, pumps, injectors, etc. in the first of July We do have one 71/2 HP motor that sounds like bearings going out. I will be asking Glenda to establish and account with Industrial Electric before I take it in. We have a complete preventive maintenance schedule in place.

We have had some residents using huge amounts of water this June. These are not problems or leaks; it has been watering of plants and grass. We work on maximum daily demand, not average monthly usage.