Operations Report May 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped 474,600
  • Backwashes 52,800
  • Net pumped 421,800
  • Source meter 430,820
  • Flushing 5,000
  • Net to distribution 425,820
  • Residential meters 307,780
  • Unaccounted for water 118,840
  • Percentage of loss 27%

The sweeper broom has died. I’ve researched owner’s manuals and possible parts and there is very little out there even on eBay. Our sweeper is now called a vintage model. The closest sweeper to what we have is $4,500.00 plus tax but free shipping. Anything bigger presents a problem in transportation from the maintenance shop to where we are using it and anything smaller doubles our time sweeping.

I got a quote from Hytech roofing for a TPO roof for the clubhouse. I had planned on just tarring the roof again this year. I called several roofing companies and I couldn’t get anyone else to even submit a bid. Also Hytech is the best at TPO roofing. $17,500.00 plus tax we have to look at the accessibility to the roof by kids if we put the new roof on.

I have talked to the Pax storage tank mixers. After taking several years telling the board we need to circulate the water in the storage tanks, and waiting for the Department of Health to be here and look at it, I have been able to prove out the problem with the storage tanks. I have submitted the disinfection ratio for the last month and high lighted the changes. We will need two mixers (one for each tank) and the total price will be $20,000.00 If the board approves this expenditure I will get the rep to give us an exact quote. (I think we have already set this money aside from reserves) There will be extra costs, ie new conduit up the side of the tank and wiring. I’ll find out if Pax does this work or not. The changes in temp also cause our byproduct issue and mixing will go a long way to eliminating that issue, part of which is stratification.

I am continuing to conduct our own lead and copper tests. We have results back from 14 houses with no problems. I anticipate conducting a total of 25 by the end of the month

Scott Elliot of LISE made contact with Wayne Chaudiere of Lummi Island who is a Resource Specialist with the Whatcom County Conservation District. Wayne is a fire wise specialist with the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program for Whatcom County. We will be discussing the work so far in LISE for the firewise program and what to do to keep this program moving forward.