Operations Report March 2015


Water usage

  • Pumped 513,700
  • Backwashes 34,720
  • Net pumped 478,980
  • Source meter 314,450
  • Flushing 5,000

Recorded loss

  • Net to distribution 309,450
  • Residential meters 219,670
  • Unaccounted for water 89,780
  • Percentage of loss 29%

We have completed our quarterly maintenance of all equipment. This turns into a long process but our down time or operational problems have reduced significantly.

We have completed a large portion of grounds clean up at the cabana and swim lake. The winter winds made a real mess this last year.

We are working on the chimney at the clubhouse. There is some sort of leak from the roof at the
fireplace and we are tarring and sealing the rocks prior to tarring the entire roof this summer. We will be trying to get a cap for the top of the flue.

Our percent of lost water is high again this month. The residential meters read 219,000 gallons for the month. Also of the 217 houses, 75 used zero water.

We are putting any repairs to the lake PRV on hold for the year. We have put enough band aids on the system so the leak has stopped and is holding for now. We now have time to look at long term solutions to the project.

We received our Water Quality monitoring schedule and have submitted asbestos, herbicides, pesticides, gross alpha, and radium 228 tests to Avocet. They are our testing lab. Then we received a notice that our schedule was wrong and we don’t need to take the tests indicated. Oops, that is a bit late. It doesn’t make that much difference as if we don’t do the tests now, we will have to do them next year.