Operations Report February 2015


Water usage

  • Pumped 494,500
  • Backwashes 32,480
  • Net pumped 462,020
  • Source meter 289,260
  • Flushing

Recorded loss

  • Net to distribution 289,260
  • Residential meters 211,950
  • Unaccounted for water 77.310
  • Percentage of loss 27%

We have solved our turbidity problem. I have adjusted the pump rate and the backwash rate, and the spike went away. Now I will be reversing the process to see exactly where the problem is at but for now we are well within allowable limits.

I will be attending the WOW conference on March 24th.

We are moving forward on the clean up of trees at the clubhouse. I read the letter to the board and the resident has to understand this is maintenance that should be completed every year.

I have had two home owners recently ask about the internet access at the clubhouse or the cabana.