Operations Report March 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped 363,700
  • Backwashes 51,150
  • Net pumped 312,550
  • Source meter 321,650
  • Flushing 5,000
  • Net to distribution 316,650
  • Residential meters 230,470
  • Unaccounted for water 86,180
  • Percentage of loss 27%

We have completed all the necessary welding on the boat docks. We will be putting the docks in the water on May 9th and 10th. We have not been able to get a suitable crane to the island so we will be using our own equipment for the launch. Luckily we are putting them in the water, not taking them out.

We will start lead and copper testing next month. Normally we test five locations in a reprehensive pattern throughout LISE. This year we will be taking five samples from one neighborhood getting the maximum coverage for several areas.

We have completed a dechloronation chamber for the waste water. We will be testing over the next month to determine the correct dosage of tablets.

I have been working with Carlson Steel to build a dock cart. They will come to LISE this summer and hopefully I will be able to get a quote or at least a ballpark number before the AGM.