Operations Report October 2016


Water usage

  • Pumped 410,000
  • Backwashes 69,300
  • Net pumped 340,700
  • Source meter Flushing 5,000
  • Net to distribution 335,700
  • Residential meters 241,640
  • Unaccounted for water 99,060
  • Percentage of loss 28% 

We finally repaired a leak on Hales Passage that has been a problem all summer. There are no shutoff valves in the area to isolate the leak and I have been working on a solution all this fall. Finally we were able to install a new blow off valve. 

The Whatcom County Health Dept. has changed the availability form to include the building permit number. 

Someone dropped off three washing machines on Scenic Avenue last week. 

I am having the water meter in the vault tested next week. The test cost is $525.00 the warranty has expired on all but the register. A new meter is $1935.00 and a replacement head is $1800.00 we should keep this meter as a backup and purchase a new meter.