Operations Report November 2016


Water usage                             

  • Pumped  375,000 
  • Backwashes  49,500
  • Net pumped  325,500

Source meter                               

  • Flushing  5,000  
  • Net to distribution 320,500
  • Residential meters 243,660 
  • Unaccounted for water 76,840
  • Percentage of loss 24 %

The leak loss is once again misleading. I have had a leaking valve for some time and finally replaced it at the end of the month. Due to the low usage this fall I have been able to estimate that the leak was a total for the month of November approximately 25,000 gallons. That leaves us with 50,000 gallons loss for 28,000 feet of main. Those are good numbers

Someone dropped off three washing machines on Scenic Avenue last month on Scenic Avenue and  after two weeks they disappeared. 

The source meter in the vault was tested on December 13, 2016. We have had it recalibrated.
The reservoir is at overflow. That is a bit early but not out of the ordinary.