December 2016 Operations Report

Operations report for December 2016

Water usage                             

Pumped                                       373,500

Backwashes                                  51,150

Net pumped                                322,350

We have cancelled the test for the source meter several times this month. We have rescheduled for Jan 26th.

We have found an unusual amount of water usage dating back to October 2016. It is Division 4 lot 37 at the intersection of Hales Passage and Scenic Avenue. The owners have built a small cabin but the water is just a farm shutoff at the road. (A hose bib)  Also the owners haven’t been here for some time and have not used water. The amount of water is 160 gallons in October

We have had several leaks due to freezing. All of them have been on the residential side of the water meters.

Kevin will be attending training at the end of the month. It is for cross connection control specialist. We have to have a CCCS staff or be able to contract for one from outside LISE. We will also need to have a staff certified for back flow assemblies testing. This training goes hand in glove with the CCCS training.  We have been ignoring the state law that says we have to have a certified specialist mainly because we haven’t needed one up until now.

We had six kids (teenagers) on top of the storage tanks. We are reviewing our security options and updating our signage.