January 2017 Operations Report

     Operations report for January 2017

Water usage                            

Pumped                                       378,200

Backwashes                                  52,800

Net pumped                                325,400

The water loss is still out of whack.  We had the source meter tested and it is operating 100 %.  The pump meter in the treatment plant appears to be running at 100 % and yet the two meters do not match. This month is different. We had a huge service line break between the meter and the cabana at the treatment plant during the freeze. We were able to get an accurate number of lost gallons because of the low residential usage and the leak. The lost water is almost exactly the difference in the two meters. We have never been able to pin point the size of a leak before because leaks grow and we cannot estimate the volume of water.  We have had months where we have been to measure the loss without leaks and we lose approximately 50,000 gallons a month. We have talked about this and those are good numbers.

There is a new training session that has started here in Bellingham. It appears to be an informal training by a retired trainer that has moved to Bellingham and is providing training on various issues periodically. There do not appear to be CEU’s awarded but one of the subjects is Water Use Efficiency. I think the training will be at the Whatcom Education Credit Union, a three hour session on a Saturday.