February 2017 Operations Report

Operations report for February 2017

 Water Usage

Pumped                                   328,240          

Backwashes                             46,200                       (x 1650 gals per backwash)

Net pumped                            282,040                                                       

Both Kevin and Issac are signing up for the tests by Doh We have a residents questionnaire ready after Kevin takes the CCCS test.

We are finishing work on the docks. We can remove the dock deployment as a category as the expense for that work should be minimal.

We continue to work on making the water usage data more consistent but I have located several problems in data collection that cannot be over come. We read the source meter at 7:00 am ant the pump meter when the pump shuts down In addition the pump meter is including the water being consumed during the pump run. That amount varies considerably especially on weekends.