Section 4.2.


Article 4.2.1.
Regular membership
The membership in the Community Club shall consist of and be limited to the owners or purchasers of lots in the area described in Article II of the Articles of Incorporation specifically within the plats of Lummi Island Scenic Estates, Divisions No. 1, Sections 1, 2, 3, 4 and Divisions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 and any owners of property accorded membership through Article
Each owner or purchaser shall have one membership regardless of the number of lots owned or purchased, and the voting interest of each member shall be equal to that of any other member, and no member can acquire any interest which shall entitle him to any greater voice, vote or authority in the Community Club than any other member. If any lots are held by two or more persons, the several owners of such interest, i.e. husband and wife, partners, etc., shall be collectively entitled to cast ONLY one vote.
No membership shall be voted unless represented in person or by duly executed proxy or by absentee ballot by the owner or owners or purchaser or purchasers as afore described.
Membership and certificates or cards of membership evidencing the same shall be inseparably appurtenant to lots owned by  the members, and upon transfer of ownership, or contract of sale, of any such lots, membership or certificate or cards of membership shall ipso facto be deemed to be transferred to the new owner or contract purchaser. No membership or certificate or card of membership may be transferred, assigned or in any manner conveyed, other than in the manner herein before set forth. In the event of the death of a member, the membership and certificate or card of membership of such member shall be and become the property of the personal representative of such deceased member upon the appointment and qualification as such in a judicial proceeding and such personal representative shall have all the rights, privileges and liabilities of the deceased member until title shall be transferred or contracted to be transferred.
No owner or purchaser's membership  may be canceled, forfeited of, disposed of, nor may any member withdraw, cancel, or transfer his membership except upon transfer of title to the real property to which his membership is appurtenant, as elsewhere herein provided.  The Board of Directors may levy fines, assess charges, suspend memberships, deprive members of privileges and services provided by the Community Club, or exercise any other reasonable restriction, penalty, or admonishment for the violation of any of these Bylaws or the duly adopted and published Rules and Regulations. Memberships may be suspended and the member deprived of the privileges and services provided by the Community Club, only by the Board of Directors, for non-payment of dues or assessed charges, or any other violation of these Bylaws or the duly adopted and published Rules and Regulations, or for any activity which is in violation of the laws of the Federal, State or Local Governments and which the Board of Directors believes to be detrimental to the Community Club. The annual dues may not be suspended for any reason.  The Board of Directors shall levy late charges and/or charge interest at the rate of 12% per annum compounded monthly beginning 30 days after each assessment or charge is levied on all accounts due the Community Club.
No compensation shall be paid by the corporation upon any transfer of membership and no member whose membership is transferred shall be entitled to share or participate in any of the property or assets of the corporation.
Subject to approval by the Board of Directors, and confirmation by a majority vote of the membership at the next Annual General Meeting, owners or contract purchasers of parcels of property outside of current LISE boundaries may be accorded membership in the Community Club, subject to such terms and conditions as may be imposed from time to time by the Board of Directors.
In order to be considered for membership, the owner or contract purchaser’s property must adjoin property within the Plats of Lummi Island Scenic Estates, other property the owners or contract purchasers of which have been accorded membership, or be otherwise served by an easement or easements sufficient to consider such owner’s or contract purchaser’s property as contiguous to Lummi Island Scenic Estates.
Such owners or contract purchasers shall pay an initiation fee for membership as shall be determined by the Board of Directors and shall make such improvements to their property as the Board of Directors shall require as necessary or appropriate to membership.
The owner or contract purchaser of any parcel who is to be accorded membership shall execute and deliver for recording such covenant or other document as the Board of Directors shall prescribe from time to time, the effect of which will be to permanently affix the property of such owners or contract purchasers, irrespective of subsequent conveyance, to the control of the Community Club.
Upon admission to membership, the owner, or contract purchaser of such parcel shall have all rights and privileges of membership, and shall be subject to all duties and obligations of membership including, without limitation, the obligation to pay such dues and assessments as may be imposed from time to time, and shall be bound by the land covenants of the plats of the various divisions, the articles and bylaws, and the rules, regulations and other governing documents of Lummi Island Scenic Estates Community Club, Inc.
In the event an owner or contract purchaser shall divide, subdivide, partition, or otherwise change the boundaries of the parcel held by such owner or contract purchaser in conjunction with such person’s membership, there shall thereafter continue to be only one membership which shall be appurtenant to such single resulting parcel as the Board of Directors shall determine, and any remaining portion of such parcel not a part of the parcel to which membership continues to be appurtenant shall have no membership rights or privileges except upon petitioning for and being granted membership as provided herein.

Article 4.2.2.

Article 4.2.3.
Certificate of membership and transfers
No transfer of membership as provided in Article shall entitle the new owner or contract owner to vote the same until it has been established to the satisfaction of the Association (General Manager) that such transfer of title is bonafide and has been made in the manner provided for by these Bylaws and the laws of the State of Washington.
Unless specifically requested by the owner and holder thereof, it shall not be necessary that certificates or cards of membership be actually issued but any owner or purchaser of a lot within the said district may exercise all of the rights and privileges and shall be subject to all of the liabilities of membership without the actual issuance and possession of such certificate or card of membership.
Each member, owner, or purchaser shall keep the Association (General Manager) informed of his correct mailing address.  Notices for meetings, dues, and other Club business shall be deemed properly sent when mailed to the last address of record.