Section 5.1.


Article 5.1.1.
In accordance with Clause the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Directors shall be considered published when posted in the Community Clubhouse.

Article 5.1.2.
The responsibility for the adherence to the Rules and Regulations as well as for the conduct and behavior of accompanied and/or invited guests shall fully rest with the host member. Guests using Club facilities must be accompanied by a host member. Any person not in the company of a host member shall be regarded as a trespasser. Members who rent their properties shall be responsible for their tenants' conduct, behavior and adherence to the Club Bylaws.

Article 5.1.3.
For health and safety reasons, no animals are allowed in the Clubhouse, on the Clubhouse deck area or in the area surrounding the Clubhouse, including the boat ramps, boat launch or beach areas and the asphalt parking areas except animals in transport to or from a vehicle to a boat (on a leash or carried.) No animals are allowed in the swim lake, in the lake beach area, in the picnic or barbecue area, in or around the Cabana, in the playground area, or in the asphalt parking area. Obey all signs to that effect. Service animals are permitted.
Each LISE member household is limited to keeping no more than two dogs, two cats, two birds, and two female chickens. Following reproduction, the young must be removed from LISE lot premises within 8 weeks of age. No animals may be raised for commercial purposes.
Animals shall not be permitted to chase wildlife at any time anywhere. Animal owners are fully responsible for the behavior of their animals, which includes the actions and noise of their animals. All animals which are permitted to run free in violation of county ordinances will be reported to the Whatcom County Enforcement Agent for action. All animals which are permitted to run free in violation of these Bylaws on Club owned property will be reported to the County Enforcement Agent and to the Board of Directors for action.