Section 5.3.

The lake area

Article 5.3.1.
The Cabana
The cabana and lake shall be available to all members and their guests as follows:

1 June - Labor Day
Open daily from 9:00 a.m. to Dusk

Labor Day - 30 September
Open Weekends and Holidays

1 October - 30 April
Closed and winterized

1 May - 31 May
Open Weekends and Holidays
The cabana is to be kept clean; sink and vanity drains are to be kept clear. Trash is to be deposited in the proper receptacles. This includes bottle tops, pulltabs, etc.
All water is to be turned off after use, especially hot water.

Article 5.3.2.
Playground area
The playground equipment is for the use of all members–children should be supervised by an adult.

Article 5.3.3.
Lake beach
Open fires are not permitted in this area. Charcoal broilers are permitted. Charcoal is to be extinguished properly and then disposed of safely.
The grassed area is to be kept clean. Trash is to be deposited in the proper receptacles. Especially bottles, cans, bottletops, and pulltabs are not to be thrown about and in the lake.
No "horseplay" will be permitted on the grassed area. Running around among other users of the beach is not permitted.
Overnight camping around the cabana or the beach will not be permitted.

Article 5.3.4.
The lake
The recreation lake is available, when filled, to all members and their guests. The lake may be drained during the winter as a flood-control measure. All swimmers are warned that there is no lifeguard and that they swim at their own risk.
No hard-construction boats with or without motor and/or oars will be permitted in the lake, except a service and rescue dinghy that may be provided from time to time. Paddled or sailed inflatables will be permitted in the lake.

Article 5.3.5.
Parking lot
Park in designated spaces. Do not block entrance to parking area.