Section 6.2.

Definition of terms

Article 6.2.1.
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"Contiguous lots" - Two adjacent or adjoining lots, two lots having a common boundary line.
"Single building site" - One or more lots used for a single family residence containing one dwelling, one septic system.
"Dwelling" - A structure used to shelter a single family which is permitted by Whatcom County Zoning and Building Codes to be placed on a building site in the Lummi Island Scenic Estates containing a minimum of square feet of floor space.
"Finished" - Possessing all necessary parts, having no more work required to finish.
Applies to the outside of the dwelling and garage plus the immediate yard area only.

Article 6.2.2.
As found in these guidelines
"Permanent" - Continuing or enduring without fundamental or marked change - stable, can reasonably be expected to last 30 years without major repair.