Section 6.3.


Article 6.3.1.
Eligibility for dues relief requires an absolute need based on the topography of the site to use more than one lot for a single building site.

Article 6.3.2.
All contiguous lots being used as a single building site must be irrevocably bound together by execution of a Covenant Binding Lots as may be required by the Board of Directors as set out in Exhibit “A”, as well as any other covenant or document which may be required by Whatcom County or other governmental agency, so that the lots cannot thereafter be sold separately. Such covenants or other documents shall be promptly recorded in the office of the Whatcom County Auditor.

Article 6.3.3.
A single building site
Must include a dwelling and a Whatcom County Health Department approved septic system, or other approved waste disposal systems.
May include attached porches, roof overhang, garages attached or separate, a vehicular access onto the lot but not necessarily to the dwelling.
Shall not include other out-buildings; utility lines, i.e., power, water, etc., which are or can be extended to each lot; decorative or ornamental improvements such as landscaping, paths, walkways, gazebos, sprinkling systems, gardens, etc.

Article 6.3.4.
A dwelling must:
Be of permanent construction whether built on or moved onto the building site, such as: standard frame construction on a concrete foundation, or a mobile home.
Be placed on a permanent foundation.
Have (if a manufactured home): all wheels, axles, tongues and towing bars removed, be permanently anchored via bolts, cables, etc., to its foundation and be skirted to within 4" of the ground.
Contain: a full bath (toilet, basin and tub or shower), a kitchen area with sink and cooking facilities, and a sleeping area.
Meet all building and zoning code requirements of Whatcom County for a structure.

Article 6.3.5.
Completed dwellings must:
Have all permanent roofing, siding, windows, doors, porches, stairs, railings, and trim in place on all structures being considered as part of the building site.
Have all foundations backfilled and excess material removed, leveled, spread or otherwise placed into a permanent location.

Article 6.3.6.
The Board shall set the dues relief for bound lots in accordance with the financial interests and needs of the Club. Dues shall not be reduced by more than one full dues relief per single building site. However, the Board will review and adjust the rate of dues relief from time to time in accordance with this article.