Policy 10

Access to records

In compliance with LISE bylaws and, and Revised Codes of Washington: 24.03.135 (Non-Profit Corporation Act) and 64.38.045 (Homeowner's Act), LISE will maintain the following documents:

  1. Current articles and bylaws;
  2. A list of members, including names, addresses, and classes of membership, if any;
  3. Contact and adequate statements of accounts and finances;
  4. A list of offices’ and directors’ names and addresses;
  5. Minutes of the proceedings of the members, if any, the Board, and any minutes which may be maintained by committees of the Board.

These documents will be maintained at the LISE offices or the office of the LISE Secretary, and will be provided to members upon receipt of signed records request.  The Community Club may impose and collect a reasonable charge for copies and any reasonable costs incurred by the Community Club in providing access to records. 

Use or sale of members’ lists by such member if obtained by inspection is prohibited.

LISE will not release or provide member telephone numbers, except in cases of medical emergency or emergencies of similar importance.  The Secretary, individual members of the Board of Directors, and LISE staff have discretion to determine if such an emergency exists.

The Secretary reserves the right to refer any information request to the Board of Directors for approval.

Effective  16 February 2003, revised  26 October 2003, 15 January 2006 and 24 June 2007, 17 May 2009.
Approved by the Board of Directors in regular session 16 February 2003, Bob Bowman, President. Approved by the Board of Directors in regular session January 27, 2013, Mark Sexton, President.