Policy 9


  1. Unattended vehicles may not be parked in the boat ramp area.
  2. Dinghies are not to be left on the dock at any time.
  3. Boat trailers are to be parked only on the upper lot.
  4. The Club assumes no responsibility for boats on Club property.
  5. Boat owners are responsible for their skiffs and rowboats and should remove them from the beach when they are not being used during the OFF-SEASON. These boats must be identifiable.
  6. The ‘RED ZONE’ on the dock facilities is for loading and unloading moorage with a 30-minute time limit or while in the active process of loading or unloading.
  7. No overnight moorage is allowed in the 30 minute ‘RED ZONE’.
  8. Mooring on the dock, outside the red zone, is limited to the period posted on the Marine Bulletin Board.
  9. No boats on trailers are to be left in the designated boat/trailer parking areas with the exception of the two designated short term emergency parking stalls.
  10. Written authorization from the Lummi Island Scenic Estates Community Club, Inc. is required before placing any personal buoys within the L.I.S.E. Community Club controlled property.
  11. Marine facilities shall be for use by members for recreational purposes only.
  12. All boats must be identified with a L.I.S.E. marine decal which may be purchased from the Office for $5 per boat; there is no fee for skiffs, rowboats, canoes, etc.

Rules relative to launching, dock usage, and trailer storage are in effect from June 15 through Labor Day.

These will be posted on the dock bulletin board in large print.

  • All Scenic Estates boat owners are required to have LISE DECALS on the front of their boat in order to use the LISE facilities. Temporary permits are required for members’ boating guests
  • Boats left on the dock are done so at the owners’ own risk.
  • Any boat without a motor or a sail shall not be moored on the dock.
  • No boats can be left on the dock longer than 3 days and must be in active use. At the end of three days boats must be removed for 24 hours.
  • On July 4/Canada Day weekend and the Labor Day weekend, LISE boat owners are asked to restrict dock usage to 24 hours (1 day).
  • Red zone usage is restricted to 30 minutes. No boat shall be left unattended in the Red Zone. Red Zone is shortened to 1/2 of the outside of the main dock.
  • Each LISE owner is restricted to one boat per family at any given time. 
  • Use of docks by boats over 25 feet long is for loading and unloading only.
  • LISE boat owners are to use designated boat trailer parking area.
  • Weekends are especially busy times on the dock. During weekends dock moorage is only for boats in active daily use. LISE owners should store boats on buoys or trailers.
  • If you leave the island for 24 hours, boats must be removed.
  • Please be considerate of your fellow boaters. Notice will be sent from the BOARD if a boater is in violation.
  • For Boats in violation of this policy boat owners will be assessed $25 for the first day in violation and an additional $10 per subsequent day.

Effective 9 February 1997, revised 8 February 1998, 8 November 1998, 11 June 2000 and 16 June 2002.
Approved by the Board of Directors in regular session 9 February 1997, James Lawson, President.