July 2018 Operations Report

Kevin Southworth, Operations Manager

During this month we completed the following projects:

  • PMG Controls installed a control system (SCADA) at the Water Treatment Plant to monitor turbidity.

  • Department of Ecology visited the Water Treatment Plant to review our Discharge Monitoring Plan.

  • Installed a park barbeque at the Marina.

  • Completed painting the Clubhouse exterior and deck, including repairs to the deck stair posts.

  • Replaced modem at Maintenance Shop.

  • Pogozone completed installation of a wi-fi network at Cabana.

The amount of unaccounted for water has been on the increase. In late July we identified two possible leak locations, one near Island Drive and Jamison Street, and a second location above the Clubhouse parking lot.

Water Usage (in gallons)

Pumped    759,680
Backwashes    51,975
Net pumped    707,705
Flushing    5,000
Net to distribution    702,705
Residential meters    443,910
Unaccounted for water    258,795
Percentage of loss        36.8%